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            Building Together
            Creating Community

            NALUG (Northern Alberta LEGO Users Group) is a group of like-minded adults from the Edmonton area. We build amazing models and put on displays involving thousands upon thousands of plastic bricks. In the process, we've built a community of creatives, collectors and hobbyists enamoured with the potential of LEGO in all its forms.

            Our Creations

            NALUG's members build in all sorts of themes, generes and styles. From trains to Star Wars, to stle, there's always something new being worked on by one of our talented builders. If you want to check out more of our work, head over to our galleries section for hundreds of photos!

            Our Displays

            NALUG has been involved in many  shows and displays over the years. While the content of our displays changes all the time, we have some consistent favorites that we think you'd enjoy!

            Great Edmonton Train Show

            Planes, trains and automobiles move on a massive LEGO landspe full of hidden details just ready to be discovered

            Edmonton Comic Expo

            Featuring everything from Star Wars to Superheroes, this show is sure to make your inner geek smile.

            Northern Bricks (Eek!)

            Our very own Lego convention withan entire arena of creations on display and pop-culture activities on the side.

            Recent Events

            What have been up to recently and where have we been? Look no further to find out!

            Connect With Us

            Contact Us

            Have a great idea for a Lego display or event? Just want to get in touch? Head here to say hello.

            Our Members

            Check out a list of our current members along with their assosciated bricklink, flickr or other social media accounts.

            Become a Member

            Interested in joining NALUG? Fill out our membership applition form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

            Special Thanks to our Sponsors

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